I generally like people, except when they show emotions, like being depressed, being depressed and being depressed! Now, don’t, get me wrong, I know depression is something that we cannot see it coming, but sometimes, sometimes, I just wish these people could give a smack on their bums and tell themselves to ” Damn it, woman pull yourselves together, FOR THE LOVE GOD!- Phoebe Buffay from Friends.

As far as I know, I grew up with friends. I wasn’t that unlucky girl where everyone says, “Oh you poor little thing, it’s awful to grow up without friends”, yea that was not me. I was generally a happy go lucky kid, sometimes shy but most of the times I’d be giggling away looking at the wall, not that I was crazy but I just imagine things.

As I grew, me and my friends were somewhat close despite the fact that we were not going to the same college or even meeting each other everyday. But that’s okay, because that is life, we grow, we get responsibilities and we have to carry them with or without them BUT, never in my life did I ever see this coming, depressed friends.

As much, as I do not want to sound mean or ridiculous or what people would call, a “bitch”, but I am pretty sure, crossing my fingers that some of y’all out there hiding at the back of big rock called denial can agree with me that sometimes being surrounded by depressed people feels like you are looking at a transparent glass box filled with *for bug hater* cockroaches. The cockroaches are not on you so you do not feel disgusted but at the same time looking at them flying around with their big brown wings spread like sheet of comforter on your bed while hitting the walls of the glass box and making sounds makes you feel agitated and disgusted and oops there you go, did I give you goosebumps.

Like here I am, trying to live my life to the fullest as possible and here comes friend with a big whole depressing story that would just kill my mood. There is a difference in being a friend and a wall. I can be a good friend, I can listen to your stories of how your boyfriend cheated you  and dumped BUT I am not a social volunteer where I can just waste my time listening to you talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. Give me a break!

Sometimes, these people look down a hole of fire, knowing clearly there is blazing fire down there, and yes they would obviously turn into ashes a minute before even reaching the tip of the fire but yet their mind decides “Hmm, think I forgot what was it like the last time I fell in there, maybe it is time I jump again”, like what is wrong with you people?! Make a mistake shame on you, make the same mistake twice shame on yourself!

If you, the one reading this are one of those kind of people I mentioned as above, please, I beg, do not get offended. I am sure sometimes it is nice to have a friend who listens to you , but darling, not every friend you have is willing to listen to the same stories with different characters. I am not denying the happiness I get when a friend of mine listens to me as I rant about this boy or about this teacher, but I do know, when I should stop talking, because I do know how it makes them feel. Even if they might not say it, but honey, that is how you are driving friends and people away.

It is never wrong to share a certain amount of stories with people but not everything especially when it is a “Been there, done that” situation. I am really, from the bottom of my heart sorry, to burst your bubble but just trying to set my feet back to reality knowing that we as humans we have the tendency to listen to something to a certain limit.

Some of you reading this, may or may not agree with me on this, but please touch your heart and ask yourself.